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Structured Cabling

The foundation of every high-performing and stable network begins with a properly designed and executed structured cabling plan. Decisions made early on will have ramifications for 10 of more years, with poorly designed and implemented cabling infrastructure resulting in downtime, poor performance, and instability costing many thousands of dollars over its lifetime. A structured and scalable implementation will pay dividends both now and down the road.

What Is Structured Cabling?

A structured cabling methodology is the design and implementation of communication channel between devices in a single office, a building, or campus, using the appropriate media to support the transport of data at speeds the meet or exceed the needs of the business. This is typically accomplished using traditional CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A twisted pair cabling, or fiber when longer distances are required. The foundation provides a secure medium for data communications (voice, data, video, and whatever the future may bring). Typical services are providing connectivity for workstations, Internet, VoIP phones, CCTV video cameras, wireless access points, smart TVs, conference rooms, digital signage, and any other network dependent devices.

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