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Peak 15

A little about this long standing relationship...

Individually, each organization has played key roles in the implementation and support of technologies both nationally and globally. Net2Net’s relationship with Peak 15 began over 6 years ago, starting with the development of a simple registration form to now providing the integration of 3rd party payment systems, creation of detailed itineraries, customer inquiries, contact forms, B2B middle ware, and other related services..

Our development team has over 20 years of front line, tour operator, corporate travel management, VIP/Luxury travel, and meeting and events expertise in the travel industry. We bring this expertise to you to produce an efficient user experience for your guests and accurate data capture for your operational team to ensure the best experience for your customers.

Portfolio of Services

Our diverse portfolio is comprised of many successfully completed projects for clients all over the globe. Some of these integrations consist of capturing a simple customer request for contact, to multi-step booking forms, to full business-to-business data integrations.

Online Booking/Registration Forms

These forms can collect as much or as little information as required to start a booking in peak 15. All fields whether pre-existing in peak 15 or custom fields created in peak 15 can be altered to collect unique data specific to your company’s tours. Fields can be mandatory or optional, text input or drop-down selection, radio buttons, check boxes, and more. The most important thing is that all details for your guests are in one place for your operations team to manage – Peak 15.

Itineraries and Tour Schedules

We pull data from cost records, departures and vendor services to create striking, highly customized dynamic itineraries tailored to your agency. Proposal, Outline, Operational and Final itineraries are our specialty. We work to create custom solutions for all of our clients, but here’s a breakdown of what each type of itinerary typically includes:


This is your selling tool. It tells the client or agent what is or isn’t included, your terms and what is unique about your organization. This if often the most image rich of all the itinerary versions, but it may not, for example, include detail on where each meal will be.


This is generally a very high level itinerary that doesn’t include much in terms of descriptions or images. Its purpose is to provide the client or travel agent with a quick outline of an itinerary before time is spent on putting together a detailed quote. It may also be sent to a vendor as a basis for them to provide you with a quote for a collection of services.


This version is for the guide or guides and may include items that aren’t included on the client version and may include operational comments.


departing. It usually includes a cover page, an about us page, an itinerary at-a-glance with each day’s activities listed line-by-line, accommodation details with images, a day-by-day detailed outline, pricing, confirmations, and details on getting prepared for the trip. A customized brochure that the traveler can keep with them throughout their journey.

Our professional development team is here to save you time, eliminate duplicate effort, avoid costly mistakes and make your customers happy.

Stripe Integration

Stripe Checkout is a drop-in payments flow designed to drive conversion. Whether you sell one-off products or subscriptions, our team can integrate Stipe into your Website to securely accept payments.

Client Portal

A client portal is an electronic gateway to a collection of digital files, services, and information, accessible over the Internet through a web browser.

Online Payment Processing

This form collects payment data and processed via either Stripe or Cybersource (3rd party gateways partnered with Peak15 for payment processing) expediting the payment collection and the registration process. Alternatively, we can build a payment portal connected to any other payment processor (Moneris, Trust my Travel, CIBC and more).

Traveler Emergency Contact and Health Forms

These forms are typically sent closer to departure (or any time you wish) to collect further details regarding traveler special requests, passport details, dietary requirements, health details, frequent flyer information etc.

Terms & Conditions Forms/Confirmation

This feature can be added to any form requiring confirmation of Terms and Conditions capturing client acceptance, date and time stamp of acceptable, IP address, and other client details. This data is then stored in Peak 15 for auditing purposes.

Online Inquiry/Contact Forms

An Inquiry Form collects data and submits it to Peak 15 as an Inquiry for follow-up. It can also be programmed via a workflow to send back a PDF/Email of a specific trip outline to the client for review. A Contact Form collects similar data as an inquiry, but creates a Contact record in Peak 15. To avoid duplication, if a contact already exists in the system, this form can be programmed to generate an Inquiry instead, thus avoiding duplication a helps keeps the contact records up to date.

Post Travel Surveys and Evaluations

Via workflow in Peak 15, at a specific period of time after the final date of a departure based on your specific needs, an email (individually linked to a specific Guest ID and prepopulated with guest information) is sent to the guest to collect information. This can include feedback on trip satisfaction, rating of the guides, or gather any other information you wish to capture post travel.

Waitlist / “No Risk Hold” Form

This form was created to hold a spot on a departure for a client while they make a decision. This form will create a booking in a “Hold” status. Peak 15 can then create a workflow that automatically emails (or produces a reminder to a user to call the client, if contact method is “Phone”) the client before the release date and reminds the client of the spot being held with a payment link, or if they do not apply payment, Peak 15 can release the spot into inventory and notify the client via email this was done.

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