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Application Development

Application Development

The key to any successful development project is that the vision for the project is realized at its completion. Our team of in-house development professionals ensure this by following a proper development life-cycle with continuous engagement of the customer through the development process.

Whether a project is large, small, or something in between, we adhere to a strict process of version controlled source code, thoroughly tested applications, a staged development, QA, and controlled production environment.

Adhering to a proper Development Life Cycle

Whether developing a simple templated website, a dynamic multilingual web form, or a complex fully customizable mobile application, our development team will create a solution that matches your needs.

Our projects are varied having worked with departments and industries such as:

• Human Resources
• Organizational Development
• Finance
• Operations
• Account Management

• Business Development
• Travel / Meetings and Events
• Manufacturing
• Service / Repair
• Health Care

What we will do for you...



Analyze Project Requirements

Through continuous engagement with our customer, we work through a detailed scope of work to determine exactly what is required for the success of the project. We gather information not only to satisfy the current and immediate need, but listen closely to potential future needs drawing upon our experience to make sure the application or web site is scalable to meet the needs of tomorrow.



Design the Application

After the planning step is complete, all the information is obtained from the client and resources are gathered, it’s time to focus on the visual aesthetics for the project. The design team will breakdown the planning and requirements for the project and start the process that will lead to the creation of a beautiful design that is unique to your company’s brand. Designers use a few tried and true methods to produce eye popping designs and happy clients.



Build the Application

Now that approval has been given on the visual aesthetics for the project, it’s time to slice up the mockup, break out the design elements, and jump into code. Many core tasks are involved here such as building the site structure, constructing the templates, importing data, publishing content, and creating news stories and events, etc.



Test and Document the Application

Our team continuously tests the application throughout the project, and the majority of issues are captured and corrected during this process. Client testing is also an integral part of the process which we both encourage and appreciate and make a reality through a pre-production QA platform. The 3-Step process of Development to QA to Production is adhered to on all projects leading to a stable applications.
Clear and concise documentation is included so that our clients’ software can be understood and they can work with it at full speed.



Operate and Maintain the Application

Our projects are just as important to us after they have been promoted to production as they are when we first started working on them. We oversee smooth operation, proper maintenance, and ensure security patches and updates are applied regularly and with minimal impact. Changes and future upgrades are also implemented using the same stringent process we followed from the very beginning.

Our experts provide comprehensive application maintenance and IT infrastructure services to ensure scalability, performance, and maintainability according to Service Level Agreement (SLA) guidelines. This improves the user interface, experience, and portability of applications.

Be secure that your data is safe, up to date and optimized. Always access your information when at rest or in motion – safely, reliably and quickly. Backup, restore and securityCustom views, reports and stored proceduresMicrosoft BI implementation, support and developmentSQL, MySQL, Oracle, Firebird, and more

We provide application support services that alleviate licensing and support issues associated with older technologies, as well as enhance Business Process Management (BPM) processes. We utilize reverse engineering to resolve issues for technologies lacking necessary documentation.

Our experts provide end-to-end software and data migration services including migration strategy planning, data extraction, cleansing, loading, verification, testing, and implementation. We perform manual migrations and writing of automated migration programs.

Our application maintenance services include adaptive maintenance, automated re-engineering, and regular upgrades to modern releases and technologies. We provide full-time maintenance, monitoring, and support for time-sensitive applications with scheduled maintenance services.

Our developers provide cyber security solutions for networks, servers, and applications against potential external security threats, including viruses, worms, and hackers, with solutions such as risk assessments, security audits, and monitoring.

Our developers provide web application maintenance solutions that include testing and debugging, customization of applications, updating site information with security measures, database maintenance, productivity analysis, and real time monitoring and management.

Our experts assess the application to ensure it works as is and is not degrading or malfunctioning due to enhancements and defect fixes to the existing functionality. We also verify performance behaviors for designated functions under anticipated normal and worst case scenario workloads to determine if the system can handle the projected stress.

Our Technology Kit Includes

Microsoft Dynamics
Peak 15

And More...

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