Hosted Services and Applications

With the increase in Internet bandwidth and stability, there has never been a better time to consider moving to a hosted service and application model.  Significant cost savings for organizations can be attained through hosting over locally installed applications.


Web-based, online, or pure virtualization, we will tailor the delivery and support for specific needs

Hosted-Services-1Unlike most ASPs, Net2Net does not enable a service and leave customers to find their own way.  We understand that most companies seeking hosted services do so looking for the initial and ongoing support for the service.  Net2Net provides fully managed hosted services, investing time to understand our customer core business, expectations, and support needs.  Doing so enables us to provide end to end support from inception, to implementation, to ongoing monitoring, maintenance and support.


What Are The Benefits of using a hosted service?

Low Maintenance
Responsibility of all hardware and software is ours, customers need only maintain access to the Internet.

Reduced Cost
Hosted applications also allows the smaller organizations access to applications and services typically reserved for large enterprise organizations.  The capital investment of the hardware and software as well as the security, backup and server maintenance cost are all our responsibility.


Minimal Risk
No long term commitment is required.

Customers can work anywhere stable Internet access is available.

Gone are evenings and weekends at the office waiting for IT to perform updates.  Gone is the need to determine who to call if a problem occurs.